When you listen to a song & think of a music video, you just created a world...and that's the point of music...that's the escape


      Chaz Ortega also known as DJ LostBoy; Is a Trap EDM/House DJ from Detroit, MI. LostBoy’s music ranges from Hip-Hop, EDM, House and Trap. As a DJ; LostBoy’s goal for the audience to lose themselves into the music and forget about whatever problem they had before his set. With Soft Progressive Chords & Bouncy Melodies LostBoy's music puts his fans in a trance and dancing. His States "I'm a Day Dreamer that has a good ear for Music. When you listen to a song & think of a music video, you just created a world...and that's the point of music...that's the escape". LostBoy is currently transitioning from doing House Parties to Actual Clubs. Yet, LostBoy is more than just an alias, it's a growing brand. Being lost is a lifestyle.

     The term ‘LostBoy’ is a “Polysemy”; It’s a word or a phrase that has multiple meanings and terms. Being Lost overall is a lifestyle simply because if you knew what you wanted in life or what truly makes you happy you would already have it so because you don’t that means you’re on a journey trying to find it; i.e Being “Lost”. Chaz states that he calls himself LostBoy because of that very same reason, saying “I don’t know who I am nor what I truly want to be. I have natural & skillful talents in Music, Film, and Art but I’m still trying to find my voice. That’s the reason why I made the motto “Stay Lost” & “Follow The Broken Compass”, it’s a way for people to understand that they’re not alone and shouldn’t feel ashamed that they don’t know who they are as a person or what they want to do in life.” He Continues by stating “I live by and use the phrase “Believe In Me & I’ll Never Let You Down, Share In My Vision And We Can Rise To Greatness Together” as a welcoming invite for people who share in my struggle as a way to help them believe that their ideas and Life are important and the thoughts that they have are normal because every has them but only few actually are brave enough to share them.

     Chaz also has a Company called Robot Empire and it too is a polysemy that derives from the concept that because society has programmed us for so long to think in one robotic mindset way of living and now that we are breaking free from that uniformed thought process its difficult for people to find their own personality because for years they were accustomed to living in the set way of the ones before them. So for LostBoy; Robot Empire is about him finding his identity in a world where everyone does the same thing in the same way and he want others to find what makes LostBoy, Robot Empire, Dead Misfits and The Broken Compass Special to them.

LostBoy Copyright 2021
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Detroit, MI